Window Tint Law In New York

Window Tint Law In New York

Can I tint my car windows while living in New York? Well, as the saying goes, when you go to Rome, do what the Romans do. Every state has its law enforcement regarding window tinting. Some states do not allow window tinting, and others only allow a certain percentage of tinting. When it comes to rules regarding car tinting, New York is no exception and has rules regarding the amount of tinting to put in the car windows.

Some roads are quite dark to drive in, mainly at night, and accidents are prone to occur when the driver has minimal visibility in these regions. So, the government limits dark tinting to prevent accidents in such scenarios. In some cases, window tinting laws are reinforced to protect law enforcement when dealing with drivers on the roads. Statics show that between the years 2012 to 2017, around 710,000 tickets were issued to drivers due to window tinting. Hence, if you plan on tinting your car windows while living in NY, make sure to consult with the authority first, failure to which you will be fined 150 dollars.

Is car tinting still necessary?

Well, the answer is yes. As long you follow the land law regarding how to tint your windows, there are great benefits to reap from tinting your windows. Such benefits include;

  • The tint offers ample privacy to the interior since no one can see your car interior from outside
  • The tint block a high percentage of UV rays to protect you from sun glares while securing your car interior
  • Your tinted car is safe from burglary since no one can see the value stored in your car while parked
  • The fact that only minimal lighting penetrates the car ensures cool temperatures throughout

The legal window tint in New York

As of 1 January 2017, no dark tinting is allowed on the windscreen or the front windows on the driver’s side. The drivers can have the cars tinted as long the tint allows 70 percent of light for good visibility at night or in extreme weather conditions. Note that this also applies to the back windows unless the car has a view rear window for the driver.

Cars that fall under this law are;

  • Station wagon
  • Sedan
  • Hatchback and convertible cars, to name a few

Other window tint law

If you are caught selling a car with tinted windows that do not follow the laws, you may get arrested and fined. The same case applies to buyers. Make sure the car you buy with tinting does not surpass the tinting laws in New York.

The car inspection rule

The regular annual car inspection in New York involves checking the window tinting as well. So, as you take your car for regular inspections, they also check the tinting on the windows to make sure you have followed the rules.

Are there exceptions for windows tint New York?

Well, the answer is yes! Some medical conditions allow one to have the car windows tint. These conditions include;

  • Albinism
  • Chronic actinic dermatitis
  • Porphyria
  • Xeroderma among others

Any physical health condition that accelerates when one comes to contact with high UV rays or causes photosensitivity allows one to have their car windows tinted.

How to get help when issued a tint ticket in New York

Have you been issued with a tint ticket for violation against car tinting? Well, we have an attorney who can help you with legal matters. Just contact us on (917) 893-3883 and we will offer you the right help.