Why Should You Tint Your Car Windows? 

Why Should You Tint Your Car Windows? 

Most car owners focus their time, money, and energy on caring for their car’s engine. They do everything to ensure that it remains in good working condition. However, an often overlooked car part that should also be taken care of is the windows. And one way to do that is by tinting them.


Many people think of window tint or window film only as an aesthetic. But it offers various benefits that you shouldn’t ignore. Here are some reasons you should consider tinting your car windows.

#1. Prevents Upholstery from Fading

A car is a huge investment that you want to keep as long as you can. In that case tinting your windows can help protect your investment. Many people often park their car in a shade or use windshield sun protectors to prevent sun damage. However, these are temporary solutions.


One of the benefits of car window tint is that it blocks out sunshine consistently. As a result, protecting upholstery that may otherwise fade or discolor due to harsh UV rays. It also prevents cracking and warping of the interior parts, making your car look newer for a long time. Additionally, window tint prevents windshield flare, meaning it reduces eye fatigue from sunlight and headlights when driving at night.

#2. Blocks the Sun’s UV Rays

Window film can block out as much as 99% of UV rays from the sun. Note that when these rays come in contact with your skin, they increase the risk of aging and skin cancer.


UV or Ultraviolet rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation. Exposure to these rays can lead to hyperpigmentation, burns, and premature aging. Both dark and clear window film can block out dangerous UVA and UVB rays.


According to research, 53% of skin cancer cases are on the right side of the body. Coincidentally, this is the side where the driver sits in their car. If you usually drive for a long period, take advantage of the car window tint benefits to protect yourself from these risks.

#3. Keeps Glass from Shattering

Shattered glass protection is among the benefits of a car with a tinted window that you shouldn’t overlook. Window tints hold the glass in place. Therefore, protecting you and other passengers from flying glass shards during an accident.


It also prevents car occupants from being thrown through the windows. Again, it protects you against burglary and theft as breaking the tinted glass is not easy.

#4. Helps with Solar Heat Rejection

Finding the right A/C level for passengers in your car can be overwhelming. Thankfully, an automotive window film can help with this.


Some types of window tint can block as much as 35-65% solar heat which will otherwise build in your car. Thus, ensuring the right temperature levels for everyone and saving you on fuel consumption since you will not overuse your A/C.

#5. Privacy and Security

Window tint films are available in different shades to offer privacy for the driver and passengers while driving down the road. And if you park your car, you can have peace of mind as prying eyes won’t be able to see your valuables inside the car.

Final Thoughts

Window tinting offers more than just aesthetic appeal. It protects you, your vehicle, and those you are traveling with. If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of ceramic car window tint, please call NY Window Tint.


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