Other than enhancing the overall aesthetics of your building, commercial window tint offers a wide range of benefits. It helps lower your energy bills, boost employee productivity as well as enhance privacy. If you are considering getting commercial window tint services, it is imperative that you research on which is the best window tint film.

In the past few years, commercial window tinting has become a popular modification for buildings and businesses. And as you may already know, different businesses have varying requirements when it comes to the benefits they wish to get out of window tint. Therefore, the best window tint film for your premises relies heavily on your intended purpose.

Today, we are going to look at which window tint film is commonly used in commercial buildings. We will list different types of films based on their popularity and the commercial aspects that they fit best. Before we proceed, we strongly advise you to always seek the expert opinion of your window tint company, as this will help you make a more informed decision.


1. Solar Window Film
This is the most popular type of film that is used in commercial buildings and here are reasons why. Solar films allow natural light to penetrate through the premises while blocking 99% of the harmful UV rays. It also reduces glare which contributes immensely to boosting employee productivity. Over 70% of corporate offices in New York use solar window films because of the above benefits. It’s also ideal for businesses with large windows and those that require sufficient light.

2. Protective Window Film
Closely following the above in terms of popularity are protective window films. It’s perfect for businesses such as jewelry stores, banks, galleries, and museums. The key distinguishing feature of protective window films is how it enhances security. This type of film is used on display glasses where the visibility needs to be crystal clear and the protection ought to be top-notch. When installed on glass, this film strengthens it making it difficult for burglars to break it.

3. Reflective Window Film
It’s the perfect film for restaurants, bars, spas, hospitals, and other medical related facilities. This film prevents people from seeing in but allows those inside to see outside during the day. At the same time, these films allow you to control the amount of glare and sun coming from outside. Reflective films do an excellent job of boosting aesthetics as well.

4. Decorative Window Film
Do you want to add a fancy personalized touch to your commercial space? Well, decorative window films are here to take your aesthetics to the next level. Other than improving the tone of your business you can also use these films to create private areas in your business such as VIP lounges in hotels.

Decorative films come with many customization options. For instance, you can choose from frosted tints, colored, or those with a specific pattern. Thanks to these many styles, you can play around with your creativity to come up with a truly remarkable business space.


5. Neutral Film
Are you a business owner who only desires to block UV rays but still want the sunlight streaming through your windows to look clear and true? Then a neutral film is what you are looking for. This film will also reduce heat and glare.

Choose the Best Commercial Window Tint Film Today
Having gone through all the above types of films commonly used in commercial buildings, it’s time to choose which one is ideal for you. As you do this, evaluate the nature of your business and the benefits you intend to get. Instead of making this decision on your own, here at NY Window Tint, we are there to give you our expert assistance. We will walk you through the various films suited for your commercial building and later on, offer a free estimate and insight into our installation plans. If you are looking for the best window tint near me, give us a call today.