What Is Window Film And Should I Use It?

Window film is a good thing. Film or tint will cover itself. Window film can reduce energy costs in homes and offices and reduce utility bills. Installing window film will allow you to increase your savings on energy. There are some benefits to installing window film.

Be Greener and Save
Window film will pay for itself. The film will keep the building more comfortable in any season. It will reduce wasted energy and allow you to save money on heating and cooling costs.

In the summer the window film will deflect 70% of the rays from the sun. This will reduce pressure on the air conditioning unit and still allow the home to be cool. You will not have to shut the blinds to keep your home feeling good. you can let in natural light without heating the home.

In the winter months, the film will keep the heat in the home. This will reduce the heating bill and allow you to be comfortable.

Stop Furniture Fading with Window Film
All of the window films have 99% protection from UV rays. This will help reduce fading on carpets, furniture, and paintings. The rays from the sun can damage the interior of the home. windows that are not treated allow UV rays to enter the home and lead to fading.

Window tints will reduce fading and keep items in the home safe. While the tint cannot stop fading entirely it will reduce UV and visible light from entering the home.

In most parts of the country, the white light glare is a big problem. you will need to move around the room to watch TV or to look at a computer due to the glare. This clear can make things uncomfortable. In your home, you want to be comfortable and not have to move around to see things. If the glare is bad enough you may need to close the curtain. This will reduce your view of the outside and keep natural light from coming into the home. With the tint or film, you can enjoy your home without having to be bothered by this glare.

There are some windows such as those in the bathroom you do not want people to look in. Window films will give you some privacy. You can see out but people cannot see in.

Window film will give you additional security. Instructors will not break in and if so they will get injured.

Reasons to use NY Window Tint
If you have tried to apply tint yourself you know that it is not easy. While you can purchase window tint at home improvement stores you will not get the same quality as if the job was done by a professional. This is a delicate process and takes steady hands and the correct supplies. If you rush through it you will end up with bubbles that will ruin the job. The professionals at NY Window Tint will be able to customize the job to fit your needs. They will even give you a free phone estimate.

We hope this information about window film was helpful. Give us a call today so we can discuss all of your window needs.