Top 5 Reasons To Tint Your Windows At Home

Top 5 Reasons To Tint Your Windows At Home

When it comes down to window coverings, most people opt for blinds, shutters, and curtains. These types of window coverings have long been the conventional go-to options for concealing and reducing heat and light penetration inside our homes. 

But did you know that there is a more efficient way of keeping your windows concealed?

Tinting windows isn’t only an energy-efficient way of reducing the penetration of heat and light into your home, it also comes with a wide range of benefits. This includes aesthetics, safety, and protection, which in the long run can all contribute to reducing your electricity bills while keeping your home a safe and comfortable haven to stay in.

Looking for Reasons to opt for Residential window tinting?

Here are 5 good reasons to go to that route today!

1. Window tinting encourages energy conservation One of the best reasons to get your home windows tinted is its huge setback on energy bills. How so? Having tinted windows allow less heat from penetrating into your homes, keeping the temperature inside significantly lower. Indirectly, this allows you to make use of less air-conditioning inside the house, saving you some buck on your monthly energy bill.

2. Window tinting provides UV protection You may not be aware that untinted windows may result in an unhealthy level of UV rays penetrating through your homes. This UV radiation may reach your skin simply by exposing yourself near the window with sunlight coming through, without you even realizing it. Tinted windows can keep this from happening as they block 99% of UV rays, allowing you to enjoy your morning sunlight without the harmful side effects of UV exposure.

3. Window tinting keeps temperature levels consistent. As mentioned, having tinted windows keep heat from fully penetrating inside the house, allowing its temperature to stay significantly lower compared to spaces with non-tinted windows. This effect of the tint also keeps the room at a consistent temperature which tends to be cooler and more comfortable.

4. Window tinting provides a sense of both security and privacy. Tinted windows generally conceal what’s on the inside, allowing for both privacy and security. Additionally, burglars often use windows as a point of entry into your home which they do by breaking the glass. Tinted windows tend to hold (broken) glass for longer, making entry more difficult. This then gives the signal to be alert and enough time to contact authorities.

5. Window tinting is low maintenance. Window tint is generally water-resistant. On top of that, some tints also come with scratch-resistant coatings. With these features coming in handy with tinted windows, the glass won’t get a buildup of water spots and marks that may often require constant cleaning and streaking. This, in the long run, makes your windows easy to maintain and saves you not only time but the costs of cleaning as well.

In Summary
Having tinted windows for your home may seem slightly unconventional but nonetheless practical. Cost-efficient, energy-saving, and low-maintenance, going for this option may also provide you a sense of security and privacy that a comfortable home is all about.

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