The Difference of Ceramic Window Tint vs. Regular Window Tint

The Difference of Ceramic Window Tint vs. Regular Window Tint

For many years, tinting films were either metabolized or dyed to offer perks that individuals wanted from tinting their cars, buildings, or homes. But, recently, new and better products have been developed. While these products are a bit pricey, they’re all designed to offer privacy while blocking the sun’s ultraviolet rays.
Since there are different tinting films available today, choosing a suitable one for you becomes tricky. Note that these products have different prices, level of performance, and quality. Today, we’ll talk about what differences regular tint and ceramic tint have to help you make an informed decision.
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Regular Window Tint

Regular tint films are mainly used for privacy and sun protection. They are made of thin laminate or sheets of polyester that are dyed from lighter to darker using certain gradations. In most cases, they’re made in grays, browns, or into the black spectrum. However, they can also include other color variations.


These sheets are covered with a coating that is scratch resistant to protect your window film. But while this offers protection from ordinary wear and tear, this film can easily scratch when a sharp object gouges or scratches it. Therefore, it’ll eventually wear. Fortunately, many manufacturers solve this weakness by offering lifetime warranties.

Regular tint is an affordable bet. However, it’s not durable. Thus, you’ll be forced to tint several times now and then once this product gets torn or scratched which could see you using more money than you actually save if scratching and tearing are frequent.

Ceramic Window Tint

This is an excellent window tinting method. Similar thin sheets as with regular tinting are used, only that they’re coated with particles of Ceramic using Nano-ceramic technology.


These particles aren’t visible to our human eyes. However, they reflect the sun’s rays hence reject UV, sun glare, and heat. This tint comes in different shades allowing consumers to choose their desired level of privacy and security. Since there is no metal involved, these films don’t interfere with cell-tower reception or gadget Wi-Fi. But, a major downside of these tinting films is their expensive price.

Final Thoughts

Ceramic vs. regular window tint, which is better? Well, that depends on you. If your budget is tight you can opt for a regular tinting film since it’s an affordable option. However, be prepared for frequent re-applications as it scratches easily. But if money isn’t an issue you should consider ceramic tinting films as they’re durable, high quality, and effective at blocking UV light.


If you want to learn more about how ceramic and regular window tinting films differ or you want professional assistance in your application, don’t hesitate to call us. Customer satisfaction is our priority which is why we have remained a reputable window tinting company in New York.