The ABCs of Installing Window Tint Films

The ABCs of Installing Window Tint Films

The ABCs of Installing Window Tint Films

Have you ever thought about including window film to the windows of your house? Tinted window film will make it much harder for individuals to see into your house. Here are the 4 simple actions to setting up window film to the windows in your household.

Prepare— In order to get excellent contact in between the window and the movie, your windows need to be tidy. Completely tidy each window and make certain there’s no residue left so that the film will stick. Cut each piece of movie so that it has to do with 1/2 inch larger than the window.


Apply— Using a spray bottle, damp down the window. Get rid of the support from the film and thoroughly use it to the window. Utilizing a rolling movement from top to bottom can assist to reduce any bubbles.


Flatten— Using a squeegee, begin at the center of the movie and exercise toward the edges. You wish to eliminate excess water and any bubbles that were caught under the film.


Cut— Now that the film is appropriately used, thoroughly cut off the excess movie with a brand-new and sharp energy knife. Utilizing a brand-new blade will assist to guarantee that the cuts are tidy and exact.


As soon as you have actually used your brand-new window film, you will be impressed with just how much it reduces excess heat in your space and just how much it increases the particular privacy of your space. With many individuals living close together, it’s excellent to have personal privacy windows in your house to keep your household secure.


But if you’re up to any assistance from a window tint professional, it’s ideal to contact one especially if you have several windows to get tinted. NY window tint is easy to contact, just give us a call at (917) 893- 3883 and let’s get down to business.