Four major advantages of mobile window tinting

Four major advantages of mobile window tinting

Getting tinted windows is now easier than ever thanks to a service called mobile window tinting. Here are 4 more advantages to be aware of:

Every week, Americans spend an average of 8 hours and 22 minutes in their cars, which equates to 18 days annually. 60 percent of people would refer to their car as their friend if they had it for this long.


Window tinting is one of the most underappreciated ways to keep your friend functioning at its best, so if you’re a motorist who shares this sentiment, you should know it. Furthermore, it enhances your experience while you’re behind the wheel and protects you and your passengers.

Although there are several ways to obtain window tinting and many detailers who offer it as a service, mobile window tinting is one of the best. The professionals come to you rather than you having to travel to them, which is one of its biggest advantages.


Read on to discover 4 additional advantages of mobile window tinting.

1. Car Performance

When it is 70 degrees outside, a car’s interior reaches 104 degrees and 113 degrees in under one hour. Although there are serious safety concerns, there are also other factors to take into account.


Keep in mind that temperature is one of the most significant aspects affecting your vehicle’s energy efficiency if you want to take good care of the car you name your friend. The demand on the AC increases as the temperature rises.

One of the best ways to control the temperature inside your car is using tinted windows. They prevent the car from overheating by blocking the sun’s rays.


As a result of this protection, it will utilize its cooling and air conditioning systems less frequently, increasing its energy efficiency. It also keeps you and your passengers comfortable as a secondary advantage.

2. UV Security

One of the universe’s most significant and hazardous components is the sun. It emits a variety of rays, and its UV radiation has the potential to either cause or aggravate a number of medical disorders.


Every hour, a life is lost to skin cancer, which affects 1 in 5 Americans. Melanoma and nonmelanoma are the 2 types. The most dangerous type of cancer, melanoma, accounting for only 3% of diagnoses but 75% of fatalities. The more frequent but less deadly nonmelanoma.


UV rays have more negative effects on the skin than just cancer. Actinic keratoses, which are skin growths, can result from them. Additionally, the sun is to blame for 90% of aging-related skin changes such wrinkles and skin tightness.

If left untreated, cataracts in the eye’s lens can result in blindness and blurred vision. They impact millions of Americans and the annual expense of treatment is in the billions. In addition to pterygium and macula degeneration, UV radiation can harm the eyes in additional ways.


Although the skin plays a significant role in the immune system, exposure to UV light can impair the skin’s capacity to defend against outside intruders. One in four American households now have migraines, which have a major root cause in the same exposure.

Even your car’s interior might suffer damage from UV radiation. It damages materials, ruins colors, and has a variety of other impacts that can impair the aesthetics of your car.


This list of UV radiation’ risks explains why auto tinting is so common. With the correct products, you may get a remarkable level of protection; LLumar window tinting products block 99 percent of all UV radiation.

3. Privacy

Because they utilize their vehicles as an escape from the outside world, many drivers don’t mind spending as much time in them as they do. Tinted windows enhance this result. They keep people from seeing inside, giving you the impression that you are safe from the outside world.


Even burglars may be discouraged from trying to break in by tinted windows. They are more difficult to break and don’t expose your possessions as a tempting target for burglars. When they approach your automobile and notice that its windows are dark, they will probably continue on and look for another target.

The most private option to get window tinting done is through mobile window tinting, which darkens your windows and increases your privacy. The experts will visit to your home to finish the job rather than making the long trip to a busy detailer’s business.

4. Expertise

Today, you can buy a variety of DIY auto window tinting kits, but they aren’t worth your time or money. They have a large list of issues, including the fact that they’re challenging to utilize and have inferior solutions that won’t provide you the outcomes you want.


The greatest choice is to locate a reputable auto window tinting business. They have adequate expertise to know how to tint each of your windows in the best, most efficient manner.

To avoid any potential legal ramifications or a lack of protection, the technique necessitates achieving the ideal level of darkness on each window. Traditional tinting tasks, including application and drying, might take days to accomplish.


Unless you choose mobile window tinting, you might have to wait a while and leave your car at the shop. It enables you to acquire convenient assistance without compromising the caliber of knowledge you will gain.

You can be confident that your window tints will offer the protection you require and complement the design of your car. If you have any doubts, you may even ask the experts questions as they are carrying out the procedure.

Availability of mobile window tinting

Windows with tints are more than simply a fad. They improve your car’s efficiency and privacy while shielding everyone inside from UV rays’ harmful effects.


The most practical method of obtaining all of these advantages is through mobile window tinting. Professionals visit your home, do the task using their knowledge, and then allow you to go back on the road as quickly as possible.

In order to get the greatest results, NY Window Tint uses high-quality products and has experience with various window-darkening techniques. Find out what we can achieve for you now with our mobile window tinting services. Call us at: (917) 893-3883.