Secure Tenants with Satisfaction

Secure Tenants with Satisfaction

After last year’s challenges, people are finding themselves excited to get back into their office space. Working from home was great but as we begin this year, we look forward to creating commercial workspaces where tenants can create and design a space of their own, be comfortable, and feel safe and secure. Below are a few ways how commercial window film can “increase tenant satisfaction and increase tenant occupancy”.


Decorative Frost Film and Custom Window Tint Designs or Graphics

As construction in Dallas Fort Worth booms, new office buildings are popping up left and right. A popular trend you will see to create a community within the offices are large open workspaces including Common Areas, Conference Rooms, and Shared Offices. These spaces usually have floor-to-ceiling glass walls which is the perfect application to add Custom Frost Window Tint Design Films These commercial decorative window films are added to the existing glass, making installation quick and affordable while complimenting the ever-popular open workspace trend. All while keeping the natural light and creating a more private space. Commercial design films can increase the productivity and overall satisfaction of the tenant. Keep in mind, there are also options to customize these window films by adding graphics, logos, and designs to reflect the tenants.

Heat Rejecting & Glare reduction Commercial Window Tint

Is your building struggling to keep up with temperature control demands for each office space? One tenant is wrapped in blankets while the other is sweating through their new pantsuit. Nothing hurts tenant retention more than an uncomfortable building. You can keep your tenants more comfortable by rejecting the sun’s heat to help keep spaces at more even temperatures. Like getting new glass without the expense. Natural light is a beautiful thing but as the saying goes, too much of a good thing. Too much light coming though the windows can create annoying glare and eyestrain, but you guessed it, these commercial window tints can be a sight for sore eyes, literally!  You might be thinking, ‘our commercial building has existing window treatments like blinds or roller shades, Why do we need window tint?’ Commercial window films are designed to allow light in, help reduce heat and glare, and maintain your view all at the same time creating an opportune workspace environment.

Safety and Security Window Film

With the civil unrest and riots, we have seen unfold in the last couple of months, Safety at the workplace is pivotal for tenant retention.  By having tinted films or windows, you gain precious time by helping deter unwelcomed individuals from entering your building. Increase security and help protect people, property, and possessions. By improving the integrity of your existing glass, you also help protect against effects of severe weather, reduce risks from impact injury and spontaneous glass breakage, and lessen loss of day-to-day business operations. These commercial Safety and Security films can provide peace of mind for your tenants, knowing you have created a safe environment.

Aside from commercial window tinting, we offer services for residential and automotive window tint as well.

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